What Activities Can You Do In North Las Vegas?

If you go to the very top of the Las Vegas strip, and travel several more miles, you will enter an area called North Las Vegas. It is a destination that may not be on your itinerary as far as your vacation, but there are many nice places to stay. There are a couple activities that you will be able to do. One of those is taking advantage of all of the flights that go in and out of the area. These are for tours, allowing you to see the city from up above, and also extending out into the desert area. Let’s look at some of the more popular activities that you will be able to do once you get to North Las Vegas for your next vacation.

Three Things You Can Do In North Las Vegas

If you like small casinos, the Cannery Casino is a wonderful place to visit. For those that have never been there before, you will be very happy with what you find. Similar to old-style casinos, this small casino is going to cater to people that prefer not to enter the large casinos in Vegas. Those that like a more intimate setting, complete with a buffet and snacks that you can eat, you will be very happy at this location. If you would like to stay somewhere where you can also access a casino, the Aliante Station Casino is a wonderful place to be. You will also experience that more relaxed and refined Casino type of setting. There is a pool, rooms, and great restaurant options. For those that are looking to relax, you should consider booking a room at this location. Finally, if you want to take a trip over Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, or even head out toward the Grand Canyon, there are flights that are provided by helicopters and planes. You will be able to experience southern Nevada from this perspective using one of the reputable companies that provides tours, specifically flights to these destinations.

People that visit Las Vegas are always expecting something big and bold. Thus why they stay in the city. Traveling up and down the strip is part of what people do when they travel to this incredible city. For those that have done this multiple times, and are looking for a subtle change, North Las Vegas will be the place you should stay. On top of the flights and laid-back casinos, you can also go out into the desert terrain on a hike, or even on ATVs. It’s designed for people that want to experience a different aspect of Las Vegas, one that might harken back to a much more quiet time. And if you get bored, you can always head south about 10 miles, to go see the city of Las Vegas that so many people admire worldwide.